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Ecotrust: Resilience Exchange

Environment / Non-Profit / Community
UX / Visual Design / Development

How Can People Share and Find Solutions for Social Change?

Non-profits and organizations for social change often reference the success of their peers for ideas about how to communicate with their audience, influence decision makers, and raise awareness. Bunker helped craft an online experience for people to share their ideas and solutions to help other organizations succeed in their efforts. The solution includes community-based profiling, reference/earmarking tools, and a contextual search engine.

Results: Solutions and Strategies Easily Found and Shared

A robust search process with complicated metadata was simplified with an intuitive and informtive information design. The layouts and structure enable seekers to easily explore results of searches and save favorites to collections. Profiles were designed to foster easy navigation between solutions, authors, and organizations, helping promote authors and the ideas they share.

Ecotrust website
Ecotrust website Ecotrust website

“Bunker simplified the complex with a great UX and design via their clear and effective process.”

Ty Montgomery President, The Other Firm
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