Enhancing a Low-Tech Industry with Big Data Reporting

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Columbia Ultimate

Financial Services
UX / Visual Design / Development

How Can We Relay Complex, Software-Based Data to Web Browsers and Mobile Devices?

Columbia Ultimate’s software, Ajility, helped make them an industry leader. Looking to broaden Ajility’s already-wide range of capabilities, they came to Bunker with an idea for a web portal that relays crucial performance data with an Ajility API. We designed and built a full web application complete with charts, graphs, and in-app messaging platform. We also helped bring the product to the public with promotional motion-graphics videos and a touchscreen kiosk for trade shows.

Results: Big Data Realized with a Beautiful/Functional Dashboard

An extensible platform for data realization that enables account holders to custom-configure reporting based on key performance indicators. The dashboard provides aesthetic, simple, and high-performance insights.


“We liked what we saw in Bunker’s original examples. We finished highly satisfied with how it looked. It is great to fully realize what you originally wanted, and more.”

Bruce Randall Corporate Officer, Columbia Ultimate
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