Creating a Bond Between Driver and Car

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“Big Three” Automobile Company (Under NDA)

Automotive / IoT / Infrastructure
Design Research / Ideation / UX / Visual Design / Development

How Can We Define/Forge a Partnership Between People and Cars?

A Fortune 100 technology company and a “Big Three” automobile company engaged in a partnership to test the validity of new technologies in passenger automobiles. Bunker was asked to help with design research and the ideation of scenarios to be tested in an automobile simulator, then design and build a low-fidelity UI.

Results: Automobile Features Tested for Validation

We designed a full UI and built a simulation environment that hosted multiple touch-enabled devices synced by javascript-based events. UI transitions, text-to-speech generation, and animations were synced and triggered by a drivable scenario in a Unity game environment. Participants were able to explore our prototype then provide comprehensive feedback about their experience with proposed technologies.

Whiteboard and sticky notes for ideation session
Automobile IVI storyboard Automobile IVI storyboard
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